Monday, September 28, 2009

South Island so far

Lets welcome LiShan and Jess to the kiwi trip!! woo!!]

Started off at Christchurch. Its a very peaceful quite city with i personally think not much to do around the city but the views of the harbour and oceans are very spectacular! We drove up the hilly mountains with one lane no fences and if you're not on the road, you're at the bottom of the cliffs!

Next morning, we headed to Franz Josef- Ice Glacier place. We stayed at this very nice cosy treehouse. Very tropical style nice and relaxing! The next morning, we went for the ice glacier climbing- a must do at Franz Josef! Did a half day trip which is a round trip of 4-5 hours. After that we're all buggered and had to drive to Queenstown which is where i am now! Woo!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Wellington- Capital City.

Pretty place with not much to do really plus we had limited time as well. Good city for shopping and nice friendly people. We pretty much walked through the whole town exploring Queens Wharf and up to the Mount via the Tram which was similar to the HK Peak Tram. And we took a nice walk from the mountain till the city via the Botanic Gardens which was a very pleasant change :) Met some new people that night very random and went out with them have a few drinks and stuff.
Thats Miss A, Cole me and Zoe

Rotorua & Taupo

Hey guys. not been able to connect to the net due to seriously overpriced net!

Anyway, Rotorua is to be honest a really nice place but stinks too. Its the place where its renowned for its unique sulphur aroma, which is caused by the geothermal activity. We went to the Wai O Tapu Thermal Wonderland, did a 3-4km walk to explore and see the geysers and all the thermal activity and it was a good walk except the part it kept drizzling!
After we went to learn some history at the Buried Village, dubed Pompeii of New Zealand. Same story. Volcano erupted an covered the town. what we saw was what happened and some really fragile looking structures left and learnt about some of Kiwi's history.

Thats a traditional Maori War Canoe

Lasbut not least in Rotorua, its famous for the thermal spa as well! We went to this Polynesian Spa which was excellent, on a chilly night, always good for a spa!!!

Next morning, BAD weather decided to follow. Our White Island tour got cancelled but i really want to come back again and do it ! Hence we went to a prawn farm and with the miserable cold weather and our pathetic skills, we managed to get ONE prawn lol! Taupo pretty much is a chill lax town with the largest inland lake in NZ.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


First day in New Zealand- Auckland.

Very beautiful city! I met my mate Robert at the airport who was flying in from Sydney and we arrived at the same time! He brought us to Mt Eden, which was a old extinct volcano. Has a very beautiful view of the city and the crater! First Crater in my life. Photos will be up later.

Got to the hotel which was pretty cool. got lost in the city a bit though. Very Australian style. pretty much other than soome NZ Banks. pretty much its Australia. Much more livier then Perth!

After, we met up with Lishan and Kalpana! Haven met them in 6 years!!! Brought to this place for BBT MoMoTea, which was Utopia like. Except i thought it was a bit pricer after exchange rate as well and we went to Mission Bay to check things out just to enjoy outer city a bit..

Tomorrow morning, headin out to Rotorua early morning! cant wait to start driving thru out the country!!

The Amazing Race

Well gettin to sydney was a pain to be honest. this was what happened.

Got to adelaide, huge storm, power went out! ugh! started to feel sicky.
Then got to the airport, checked in for Tiger Airways which took forever.
Went in to the departure area, walked around and found out that the flight was
delayed. but thats fine cos it was only half an hour. then it suddenly put the status
as cancelled and we went to the gate to have a look and it was still on delay sign.
So we decided to go get some foood, somehow i had a bad feeling, i went back and
had a look, and everyone was gone. flight was cancelled without even announcing thru
PA systems.

We had a connecting flight from Sydney the next morning and the ONLY flight out
that night to Sydney was on Qantas which only has 30 seats left! FUCK! Had to go run
for the baggage and queue from refund for Tiger, which we decided not to cos we had to
go get seats to Sydney otherwise we woudlnt make it for our connecting flight to Auckland
next morning, and the whole kiwi trip will be fucked!

Damn those South Australian Airport people, what curfew for Flights out of the airport!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Transiting Adelaide

Been bout two years since i've been to adelaide and honestly nothing has changed much. but good to see ker hong again! woo!

While we're in the lift today getting to the ground floor, once the lift door opens, there was this japanese girl who just yelled" BAAAA" trying to scare what she thought was her friend in the lift. She was so embarrassed and after we left something upstairs and had to go back up to the apartment to get it. I bumped into her again and she was like, Gomenasai-Sorry in Japanese. ahha. hell funnny..

Other thing i thought that Perth CAT bus drivers should do what the 99C free city loop in Adelaide does. The bus drivers actually tells you where's he going and bit of Adelaide Sights and History. Compared to the normal bus drivers who are just -meh dont give a shit.

Flying to Sydney tonight! Here i come StarCity!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Countries I've Visited in my life

I've decided that i will write a travel blog each time i go on traveling. Before the start of each trip, i will update a map which shows me how many countries i've visited in my life.